Brief Introdution

Model GDM-1000 CZ is mainly applied to evaporating metal layer on the surfaces of polyester film or paper (moisture content 3%). Under high vacuum condition, the aluminium is continuously heated so that the aluminium molecules are unceasingly evaporized onto the surface of the substrate materials which is being delivered continuosly and firmly form a thin film. The metal film. The metal film thus prepared is excellently characterized with electric conductivity, transparency, absorptivity of visible lighe as ultraviolet ray and infrared ray, reflexing and pure decoration, being an ideal material for the professions of decoration, textile, packing, printing, radio and solat-energy ultilization.       

Having a wide range of application, this model can evaporate metals not only on polyester film, but also on papers, with high working effeciency.       

The double-chamber structure guarantees the vacuum of the lower chamber and also can prevent the heat radiation and the remaining aluminium molecules from diffusing to the upper chamber.       

Except the gas evolving valve, the other valves are all gas controlled, the structure being reliable and of easy operation.

Main Technical Specification

1Vacuum Chamber:f1000 x 1100mm
2Ultimate Vacuum:Upper Chamber 1 x 10-3 Torr; Lower Chamber 5 x 10-5 Torr
3Twice Pumping Time:Upper 5 x 10-3 within 15 min; Lower 5 x 10-4 within 15 min
4Evaporating Material:Aluminium
5Substrate Material: Polyester, Paper (moisture content 3%)

Maximum Width: 500mm

Maximum Roll Diameter: f250mm

Diameter of the Roller:f
6Roll Control: 0.6 kg/ M Momental motor
7Number of Rollers:6
8Maximum Rolling Speed:< 60 M/min
9Number of Crucible: 3, each of 10 kW, speed of 0.5 ~ 5.5 M.min
10Maximum Power Consumption: Three Phases, 70 kW
11Overall Dimensions:
L x W x H
3.9 x 4.2 x 2.6 M