Brief Introduction

Model ZS-500 and Model ZS-700 are cabinet-shaped optical multi-layer coating systems, designed recently to repiace the previous products of our factory so as to improve the operation functions of the systems. The square stainiess steel chamber provides spacios working area, where large capaclty pumping system can be installed and the optical film-thickness monitor system can be fixed on the upper part of the chamber. The whole system can be easily installed in the cleaning room. For the optical film coating, both models are suitable for coating multi-layer film, high-reflecting film, high-transparent film and wide(narrow)band filter glass, and for the utilization in both scientific research and production. They are the necessary equipments in the optical instrument industry, such as laser-producer, eye-glasses, camera and so on, and also suitable for the evaporization of metais on micro-components in electronic industry.

These two models provide high operation vacuum, reliable an durable mechanical structure, high-accuracy of the stable film-thickness monitor system, the multi-crucible sources with the magnetically deflected electron beam gun scanning in x-y directions. The cabinet-shaped structure is new in appearance and the systems are easy to be operated.

Large Capacity Pumping Systems

f400 and  f500 diffusion pumping systems are mounted to both models respectively, so that the pumping is highly efficient. The vacuum chambers can be pumped to 7×10-3pa within 15 minutes, with the ultimate vacuum of 7x-5Pa. Under the working condition (operating the electron beam gun, baking and turning the system) the vacuum can be maintained at least 1.3x 0-3Pa.

Perfected to Meet Working Reguirements

The dimensions of the cabinets of Model ZS-500 and Model ZS-700 are 648x668x790mm and 770x800x916mm respectively, offering a space large enough for installing baseplate of evaporation source unit. Two Ways of Driving Substrates: spherical driving and plane driving, smoothly turning the substrates. In addition, Model ZS-700 is attached with a three-plate-types  planetary substrate holder, each plate of f430mm.

The baking power of lodo-tungsten lamp with a temperature controller is 3kW or 4.5kW, so as to keep the substrate at temperature up to 300‧C.        There is one set of the quad-crucible electron gun with sufficient power magnetically deflected in 270。, two sets of resistance evaporation power sources , and two sets source shutters controlled by pneumatic pump.        The newly-structured 3kV / 0.6kW glow discharge can meet the requirement of ion bombardment.

The measurement of the film-thickness is quite accurate and the operation of this monitor is stable.

All the main parts and components in both systems are selected with great care in order to meet the accuracy in measuring the thickness of the film.        Each system includes MK-1 main amplifier, WDG-30 optical grating spectrograph,  GDB-423 photomultiplier, FH-426B high-voltage supply, WY-1 stabilised d.c. supply, adjustable motor with directly-driven light modulator, the light focusing on modulator, comparator, light receiving hole and monochromator entry.

The wave length of the spectrum ranges from 3000A to 8500A (the other wave length can be achieved by adjusting the grating numbers of the monochrometer).


Vacuum Chamber648x668x790mm 770x800x916mm
Maximum outer diameter of the substrate holderf550mm f650mm
Ultimate Vacuum6.6×10-14Pa6.6×10-4Pa
Pumping Time7×10-3Pa<15m In7×10-3Pa<15min
Evaporation Source 5kW5kW
Baking Temperature and Power300C / 3kW300C / 4.5kW
Revolving Speed of Substrate0~30r / min 0~30r / min
Ion Bombardment 0.6kw / 3kv0.6kw / 3kv
Diffusion Pumpk-400k-600
Mechanical Pump2X-30A2X-70A
Film-thicknessMK-1 MK-1
Monitor System System Extreme Value MethodSystem Extreme Value Method
Vacuum Gauge CG-ZCG-Z
Average Power 20kW32kW
Overall Dimension(m)2.5 x 2.6 x 2m2.7 x 2.85 x 2.74m