Brief Introduction

Gas being affected by diffusion and the magnetic field under low vacuum, the evaporating ion has good circum-radiation. The film thus formed is firmer than that formed under high vaccum and the film layer at the bordering part has good adhesion.

The film formed is wearable, corrosion-proof and strong in hardness.

The ionization rate is one or two scales higher than other vapour sources.

The electrical parameters of this model are adjustable. The material to be evaporated and the reflection gas having been changed and the evaporization technology being further studies, this model can be widely applied to evaporating films of other different properties.

Range of Applications

*    Decorative films in light industry, watch, tableware and stainless steel substrate are TiN coated.
*    In machinery industry, cutting tool, mould and tool steel substrate are TiN or Tic coated.
*    In electronic, aviation, chemical and atomic energy industies.

Main Technical Specifications

1Film Nature:TiN
2Vacuum Chamber: f600 x 450mm
3Ultimate Vacuum:
(Empty Clean Chamber) 
1 x 10-5 Torr
4Pumping Time:
(Empty Clean Chamber)
From 760 to 5 x 10-4 Torr within 15 minutes
5Work Vacuum: 5 x 10-5 Torr
6Substrate Rack:

200 pieces of Shanghai Brand man’s watch case
7Revolving Way:Rotation
8Maximum Power of HCD:7.5 kW
9Operation Power of the Gun
Working for 20 Minutes:  
5 kW
10Baking temperature:0 ~ 300C
11Revolving Speed of the
Substrate Rack at 300C: 
(rpm) 0 ~ 15 ( lasting for 20 Minutes)
12Power Consumption:  380 V, 26.2kW/220 V, 24.4kW