Brief Introduction

Model SG-3 and Model SG-3A, consisting of a thermocouple gauge of low vacuum and an ion gauge of high vacuum, are a kind of direct reading vacuum measuring instruments. They can be widely used to measure the vacuum of the air system in laboratories or in factories.       

Model SG-3A is the improved type of Model SG-3. In comparison with Model SG-3, it has the advantages of little zero drift, low temperature-rising, reliable function and so on.       

These two models are installed in standard meter cabinets, universal in use and easy to be used on rack or bench.

Main Technical Specification

1Input Power Supply:  220V 50~60Hz AC
2Measurement Ranges:1×10-3~1×10-7 Torr
Thermocouple: 1×10-1~1×10-3 Torr
Ionization Gauge:  1×10-3~1×10-7 Torr
3Gauge Used:
Thermocouple:DL-3 Type
Ionization Gauge: DL-2 Type
Emission Current: 5 mA
Accelerator voltage (referring to the filament):+200V DC
Collector voltage (refering to the filament):-25V DC
Sensitivity of the Gauge:   20 Torr-1
4Power Consumption  35W approx. 55W (in air-exhausting condition)
5Weight: SG-3: 8kg;   
SG-3A: 10kg
6Overall Dimensions:SG-3: 350x250x165mm
SG-3A: 140x440x280mm