Brief Introduction

Model PMS-500 is specially designed to deposit AI, Si-AI or Si-AI-Cu films on siliconchip of LSI, and also widely used to deposit films of other non-magnetic pure metals or alloys on substrates, serving as an up-to-date vacuum sputterment indispensable for microelectronics industry and scientific research.


Easy of operation, cleaning, maintenance and repair, obtained with the cabinet-shaped sputtering chamber, detachable substrate holding plates, directional shield for sputtering material, etc.       

High efficiency is provide by the powerful vacuum pumping set and the large-capacity  substrate holder.       

Good repeatability of the sputtering process comes from the regultion of the sputtering gas pressure and the substrate holder speed, as well as the regulation and stabilization of the electrical parameters of the targets.       

A megative bias applied to the substrates permits reverse sputtering        Fine and dense thin films of superior adhesion and excellent thickness uniformity, superb metallization of stepped substrates and little damage from electrons.       

The alloy compositions of the film are the same as those of the target.

Main Technical Specifications

1Vacuum Chamber: (Box-Shaped)500x620mm
2Plan Magnetically-controlled Target:
*    Number   2
*    Dimensions420 x 110mm
*    Maximum Power10kW, DC
*    Sputtering Rate
(with Si-AI targets and static substrates) 
3Substrate Holder:
*    Speed (Adjustable) 1 ~ 16 (rpm)
*    Maximum Baking Temperature
 (when substrates are static)   
*    Substrate Numberf75mm x 48 pcs    
f100mm x 24pcs
4Vacuum Characteristics:
*    Ultimate Vacuum (with liquid nitrogen)10-7 Torr
*    Pumping Time (with liquid nitrogen) From 760 to 1 x 10-5 Torr within 20 minutes
*    Range of Automatically Stablized Sputtering Gas Pressure10-5 to 10-2 Torr