Z-1888 High Vacuum Metallizing System (Laying Style / Straight Style)


Model ZZ-1888 admits comprehensive application to coating for metallization on the surface of a large variety of articles, such as plastic toy, plastic daily article, artificial personal ornaments, Christmas decorative items, domestic, electrial appliance, electric instrument etc.


  1.  Large Capacity:
    The main chamber has a diameter of 1400mm and an effective lenght of 1688mm. 
  2. High Efficient Pumping System:
    From 760 to 5 x 10-4 Torr within 15 minutes. 
  3. 6 Revolving Substrate Racks:
    Each of f400 x 1650mm 
  4. A Trolley for the Racks is also provided to facilitate the loading or unloading of the substrates. 
  5. Fitted with the rotated flanges, the vacuum piping is easy to adjust or install. The diffusion pump has on oil level glass. 
  6. Reliable electric operation system:
    Large power supply is used to ensure ” flash vaporization”.

Main Technical Specifications

1Vacuum Chamber:   (d x L) f1400 x 1688mm
2Pumping Time: (Empty Clean Chamber)
From 760 to 5 x 10-4 Torr within 15 minutes
3Ultimate Vacuum: 10-5 Torr
4Evaporation Power: 20kW, 18 Pairs of Electrodes
56 Revolving Racks:  f400 x 1650mm
6Power Consumption:  380 V 50H, Three Phases, 49kW
7Water Consumption: Feed Water Temperature <30C, 1500 I/h
8 Compressed Air: 4~6 kg / cm2
9Overall Dimensions:   4500 x 4500 x 2500mm
10Total Weight:  7000kg