Brief Introduction

Model CWD-500 is designed for ecaporating aluminium on siliconchips of semiconductor IC with the characteristics of no oil-steam pollution, high vacuum, less contamination of natrium ion on the aluminous film, even distribution of film layers, excellent step-function of the aluminous film and high efficiency in operation.       

This model adopts a 225 magnetic-deflection electron beam, gun as the evaporation source with the crucible capacity of 35cc and evaporating rate of  (Si-AI) 3000 ~ 4000 A/min.       

The substrate rake is of planetary movement.       

Heated by quartz halogen lamp, the controllable substrate teperature can be raised up to 200。C in 8 minutes.       

Wide-ranging vacuum gauge (range from 5 x 10-1 to 4 x 10-11 Torr) is used for vacuum measurement.       

Film thickness is monitored by digital quartz crystal film-thickness monitor.       

This model is pumped by JCM-350 oilless ultra-high vacuum titanium pumping system with a triple-electrode-typed ion sputtering pump of 400 I/sec, serving as the main pump, and a titanium sublimation pump of 1000 ~ 1500 I/sec as the supplementary pump. The forestage pumps are composed of two molecularsieve adsorptive pumps of 1.5kg and also attached a set of mechanical pumps with adsorptive traps as forestage supplementary system, only used when nitrogen is lacked.

Main Technical Specification

1Vacuum Chamber:500 x 640mm
2Ultimate Vacuum:5 x 10-9 Torr
3Pumping Time:From 760 to 10-7 Torr within an hour
4Power of Electron Beam Gun:10kW 1000V 1A (Adjustable)
5Revolving Speed of Substrated Rack: 0 ~ 36 rpm (Adjustable)
6Baking Power: 3 kW (Adjustable)
7Numbers of Silicon-chip:35mm ~ 40mm x 120 pcs
8Total Power: 25kW
9Total Water Consumption: 500 I/h
10Overall Dimensions:2000 x 2000 x 2400mm
11Total Weight:Approx. 2000 kg