Brief Introduction

The magnetron sputtering is a special type of technic in which the magnetic field is used for enhacing the gas glow discharge in vacuum condition. Model CMS-900 has a co-as shaped target and eight planetary substrate racks of the diameter of 180mm. Appraised by the specialists, it has been found that the co-ax magnetron sputtering is a new technic of wide applications and the film prepared by this model has the advantages of evenness, good cohesion and circum-radiation, and low substrate temperature.

Main Technical Specifications

1Vacuum Chamber :  
(d x L) 900 x 1150mm
2Pumping Time :  (Empty Clean Chamber)
From 760 to 5 x 10-4 Torr
within 15 minutes
3Ultimate Vacuum (Empty Clean Chamber)
5 x 10-5 Torr
48 planetary Substrate Racks: Maximum diameter of the substrate<180mm
Revolving Speed Range : Adjustable, 0 ~ 80 (rpm)
5Trolley :Used For Receving the Racks
6Total Power :380V 50Hz, Three Phases, 40 kW (Maximum Visible)
7Water Consumption :Feed Water Temperature<25C1000 I/h
8Overall Dimensions :(L x W x H) 
565 x 800 x 1800mm (Electrical Cabinet)
3065 x 2500 x 1800mm

9Total Weight : 3500 kg