Specialises in Vacuum Equipment & Materials Model : ZZ-1888Automatic Double Chamber High Vacuum Metallizing System  LayingStyle StraightStyle Model : ZZ-1000HighVacuumDouble.ChamberRollCoatingSystem

SG-3, SG-3A Complex Vacuum Gauge

Brief Introduction Model SG-3 and Model SG-3A, consisting of a thermocouple gauge of low vacuum and an ion gauge of high vacuum, are a kind of direct reading vacuum measuring instruments. They can be widely used to measure the vacuum of the air system in laboratories or in factories.        Model SG-3A is the improved type […]

ZS-500 , ZS-700 High Vacuum Coating System for Optical and Electronic Industries

Brief Introduction Model ZS-500 and Model ZS-700 are cabinet-shaped optical multi-layer coating systems, designed recently to repiace the previous products of our factory so as to improve the operation functions of the systems. The square stainiess steel chamber provides spacios working area, where large capaclty pumping system can be installed and the optical film-thickness monitor […]

DJ-750、DJ-1400 High Vacuum Coating System Mirror

DJ-750 DJ-1400 Beief Introduction Model DJ-750 and Model DJ-1400 are specially applied to coation aluminium on the cleaned glass plate surface serving as a mirror. Under high vacuum the aluminium is heated so that the aluminium molecules can, in a very short time, be evaporated and subsequently formed a strong aluminium film on the object […]

CWD-500 Oilless Ultra Vacuum Coating System For Electronic Industry

Brief Introduction Model CWD-500 is designed for ecaporating aluminium on siliconchips of semiconductor IC with the characteristics of no oil-steam pollution, high vacuum, less contamination of natrium ion on the aluminous film, even distribution of film layers, excellent step-function of the aluminous film and high efficiency in operation.        This model adopts a 225 magnetic-deflection electron […]

PMS-500 Plane Magnetically Controlled Sputtering System

Brief Introduction Model PMS-500 is specially designed to deposit AI, Si-AI or Si-AI-Cu films on siliconchip of LSI, and also widely used to deposit films of other non-magnetic pure metals or alloys on substrates, serving as an up-to-date vacuum sputterment indispensable for microelectronics industry and scientific research. Features Easy of operation, cleaning, maintenance and repair, […]

ZZ-1000 High Vacuum Double-Chamber Roll Coating System

Brief Introdution Model GDM-1000 CZ is mainly applied to evaporating metal layer on the surfaces of polyester film or paper (moisture content 3%). Under high vacuum condition, the aluminium is continuously heated so that the aluminium molecules are unceasingly evaporized onto the surface of the substrate materials which is being delivered continuosly and firmly form […]

VMY-600 HCD Ion Coating System

Brief Introduction Gas being affected by diffusion and the magnetic field under low vacuum, the evaporating ion has good circum-radiation. The film thus formed is firmer than that formed under high vaccum and the film layer at the bordering part has good adhesion. The film formed is wearable, corrosion-proof and strong in hardness. The ionization […]

CMS-900 CO-AX Magnetron Sputting Coating System

Brief Introduction The magnetron sputtering is a special type of technic in which the magnetic field is used for enhacing the gas glow discharge in vacuum condition. Model CMS-900 has a co-as shaped target and eight planetary substrate racks of the diameter of 180mm. Appraised by the specialists, it has been found that the co-ax […]

ZZ-1888 High Vacuum Metallizing System

Z-1888 High Vacuum Metallizing System (Laying Style / Straight Style) Applications Model ZZ-1888 admits comprehensive application to coating for metallization on the surface of a large variety of articles, such as plastic toy, plastic daily article, artificial personal ornaments, Christmas decorative items, domestic, electrial appliance, electric instrument etc. Features  Large Capacity:The main chamber has a diameter […]